TRICS Team,  MIT Kundapura

TRICS  stands for  TRIBUNE OF COMPUTER SAVVIERS,an association of dept. of CSE students,MIT,Kundapura
Vision  of  TRICS:-
“ To bring a new technical  genre of students in  MITK  so as to be THE  BEST individual in this competitive world ”
“ To bring a new technical era of students in  MITK ”
Mode of Operandi:-
‘ TRICS provides a platform for the students to exhibit and develop their latent talents’
‘ TRICS will organize technical paper presentation and seminar to improve the presentation skills of the students’
‘ Exhibition of projects, arranged by TRICS will ignite new thoughts and ideas in young minds’
‘ By organizing inter-college cultural and sports competition, TRICS helps to enhance all-round development of students ’
‘ A bookstore where students can purchase books in a considerable price and also rent books for due period ’
‘ In order to encourage the talent TRICS awards the scholarships to the deserved students ’

Chairman-TRICS:   Prof.Shivakumar K.M

Treasurer : Mr.Melvin D’Souza

President :Arjun K

Vice President : A Suraj Shetty

General Secretary : Nandita Chandra

TRICS Staff  & Students

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